Single Phase Inductors and Three Phase Inductors

from 500 VA to 1 MVA | 100 Hz – 500 kHz – ( high frequency )

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High Frequency inductors

Our inductors ( high frequency ) can be used for:

  • Filtering
  • Current leveling
  • Limitation of the starting currents of the asynchronous motors ( starting motors reactors )
  • DC/DC converters ( buck converter, bost converter, buck-boost converter )
  • Electronic inverters
  • Toroidal inductors ideal for UPS
  • Toroidal inductors for buck-boost inverters ( also with aluminum conductors )
  • HF AC/DC inductors with low cost for alternate and continuos current
  • Three-Phase AC Reactors for AFE ( Active Front End ) with ripple superimposed in high frequency on low frequency signal
  • Applications of power electronics (welding, galvanic, photovoltaic, ultrasonic, induction ovens, plasma cutting, harmonic filter, crown treatment, UPS, renewable energy, chargers, military, rail, solar, wind and automotive)

The HF transformer cores are, depending on the frequency of the specific application, in:

  • Ferrite core e iron powders ( distribuited air gap core )
  • Sendust
  • Nanocrystalline core
  • Amorphous core
  • Mega-flux
  • High-flux
  • Permalloy
  • For lower frequencies, nuclei in iron-silicon sheets (also with oriented grains)

It is possible to request the design of mechanical supports (plastic or metal) and / or epoxy surface treatment / varnishing operations.

By consulting our site you can contact us to provide us with the basic data for the correct sizing of the component.