F.E.EM. was present as a visitor to Schweissen-Und-Schneiden.

for the entire industry. As a principal
technology meeting platform
welding, the fair still has one
as a privileged observatory of the
important trends in the sector “

Welcome to the world’s number one fair in the industry: September 25-29
international operators in the field of joining, cutting and cutting techniques
coating will meet at the 19 th edition of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN,
which is due to renovations at the exhibition center
organizer – the ESSEN FAIR – will be hosted in Düsseldorf in 2017.
In the wake of the outstanding results of the previous SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN
2013, even in 2017, the industry fair will be up to date
of fame gained in many specialized areas, faithful to the motto
“Join together”: proposing itself as an indispensable meeting platform for
experts and decision makers at the highest levels from all over the world
world, the fair brings together all the leading market leaders in a single salon and
represents, like no other event, the entire production chain of the sector,
with a complete and innovative offer of machinery, products, processes and services.
After the 18th edition of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, over 1,000 exhibitors
coming from more than 40 nations have been very pleased with the contacts
with specialized visitors, well-informed and willing to invest and who,
making investments worth 1.5 billion euros, they generated
a consistent trade fair.
The remarkable after-sales activity also shows the extraordinary
Almost one out of two of the approx. 55,000 specialized visitors from 130
Countries have stayed at least two days in Essen.