Single Phase Transformers and Three Phase Transformers

We design and manufacture transformers for industrial and professional use for a wide range of frequencies ranging from 50Hz ( low frequency ) to 500kHz ( high frequency ), for power electronics applications or where galvanic isolation is required between electrical circuits.

In our transformers we use: ferrite cores, magnetic sheet cores also with oriented grains  ( magnetic sheet available in grades M-2, M-3, M-4, M-5 and M-6 ), sendust cores, nanocrystalline cores, amorphous cores and other magnetic materials.

Applications: Used for electronic converters such as flyback, push-pull, resonant, forward and, more generally, power electronics components.

F.E.EM. in addition to the catalog products it offers the dedicated design service for transformers according to customer’s specific needs and / or demands. All our products are tested (dielectric rigidity, inductance rating etc.) to ensure the correct operation of the transformer.

Transformers from 30 VA to 1 MVA | 50 Hz – 60 Hz

Transformers from 500 VA to 5 MVA | 100 Hz – 500 kHz

Single phase transformer. Single phase transformer. Single phase transformer. Single phase transformers. Three-phase transformers. Three-phase transformer. three-phase transformer. single-phase and three-phase transformer. frequency transformer. electrical transformer is an electric machine does not contain reversible reversible parts, which serves to change (transform) input parameters (voltage and current intensity) to those in output, maintaining constant electrical power apparent. The transformer transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors: transformer windings. Electrically powered solenoids electrically isolated, but wound on the same magnet. The transformer is used to transfer electrical power from one voltage level to another. The windings are classified according to the number of turns, the high voltage (AT) with the highest number of turns (lower section) and the low voltage (BT) with fewer turns (higher section).