F.E.EM. (Fabbricazioni Elettroniche ed ElettroMagnetiche), specialised in the design and production of electromagnetic windings (transformers and inductors, single-phase and three-phase), was founded on the 1st of January 1996. It started producing for the industrial welding sector, soon becoming one of the most appreciated exponents on the national territory for competence and quality.

Constant growth in terms of both turnover and company structure led the company in 2005 to open its horizons to new industrial sectors such as UPS, railway traction, galvanic power supplies, induction heating, windings for brushless motors, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, electric vehicles and military applications.

Due to the constantly increasing growth and demand for higher power products, in 2008 another unit was opened in Europe for the production of high frequency transformers and inductors for powers up to 4 kW.

In 2009 a network of agents was established in Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, also expanding its sales network to exports to non-European countries such as India, the Philippines, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, Japan, Brazil and the United States.

Also in the same year, production of special windings began, using an extremely sophisticated technology called “flat winding“.

Since 2010, this technology has been further developed until the flat winding on a square core is achieved. This technology makes it one of the very first companies in the world capable of winding any type of section on any type of core.

In 2011, F.E.EM. moved to a new, fully covered main production unit located in Varazze (SV).

Beyond words, however, we believe that nothing is more valuable in maturing the necessary prerequisites for starting a profitable cooperation relationship than direct knowledge. It is indeed to the individual customer and his needs that our attention is focused, with particular regard to the economic aspect. We will therefore be happy to offer our advice and quotations to those who so wish.

In 2022 another production unit was acquired in Celle Ligure (SV), completely dedicated to the production of windings, to support the main one, as a result of the constant growth of the company’s business.

To date F.E.EM. collaborates with several national and international clients; among the best known: ABB, BORGWARNER, DANIELI AUTOMATION, FERRARI, HITACHI,  L3HARRIS, SAIPEM, SIEMENS and many others.

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