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Protection and cotainment boxer for transformers, epoxy coated for indoor use with protection degree IP 21 and IP 44. The box IP 21 is ideal for containing transformers FTV for photovoltaic application. The IP 44 version ( type 1 for U.S. and Canada ) is reinforced with special sections, equipped with filters of natural ventilation or fans for forced cooling, and a comfortable aluminum plate allows the cable entry side. Whrn used with transformers and autotransformers OTTC or OAT series, it is approved CSA.

Technical data :

Standard : EN 61558-1 / UL506/CSA C.22N.66 ( EUR series )
Protection against electric shock : Class 1
Use : indoor
Protection degree : EUR IP 44 / COF IP 21-23-31
Standard colour : LOW VOLTAGE RAL 7035 / MEDIUM VOLTAGE RAL 7031
Varnish : Epossidic powder  
Aluminum plate : for in-out wire
Lifting : Rings
Fixing : 12 mm holes
Iron tickness : 2 mm